Hi all,

My new blog name is

Next waves of cool stuff will emerge there.
Vyatta4People will be supported until 2017
as a mostly read-only resource.

Thanks for your time and awesomeness!

Yours forever,
Ivan "Cartman" Ilves
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vyBuddy news: Going for Beta!

After long Christmas/New Year holidays I’m ready to push vyBuddy forward.
My next step will be creation of vyBuddy beta, codenamed “Grim Fandango”.

What features will beta have?
Well, mostly the same as alpha, but everything will be more polished,
more stable, more usable. Crap will be removed without any mercy. ;)

Both UI and code will receive major improvements.

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vyBuddy news: Import/Export added

Anticipated Import/Export functionality finally added! :)

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody!

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Next in vyBuddy: objects import/export

According to different independent sources, inability to export or import
objects, like tasks, remote commands or Vyatta hosts, is the main weakness
of vyBuddy today. Because I want to create some kind of community around,
I just can’t ignore such signals.

Now we are taking on JSON object import/export to achieve portability
and interchangeability for vyBuddy-related stuff. Good luck to all of us! :)

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New release: vyInstall 0.1-17

Improved config partial and OpenSSH public key sections,
performed overall code review, cleanup and optimization.

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vyBuddy news: Reduced vyhostd memory usage

Just took a few basic optimization steps and
reduced vyhostd memory consumption twice.

Big fat thanks goes to folks from Ruby on Rails LinkedIn group!

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Next in vyBuddy: vyhostd and bulk add

Just finished with JavaScript and switched to latest ExtJS and Netzke.
I can’t say I’m satisfied, but enough for now. So what’s next, you ask?

vyBuddy has huge problem with vyhostd memory consumption and
“bulk add” feature working not as intended. For the next few days
I’ll concentrate on these issues and hope to solve them.

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New release: vyInstall 0.1-16

Now putting OpenSSL certificates and keys to /config/auth by default.

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Next in vyBuddy: ExtJS optimization

Now working on client-side JS code optimization,
really long and hard way to go, a week or two,
but it’s necessary to do before any other things.
Continue reading

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