Write about Vyatta and get an award!

Write about Vyatta and get an award!
Yes! I’m not kidding, you are able to earn money by writing a few words about Vyatta.

It doesn’t matter, who you are, a seasoned Vyatta geek and code hacker,
or just an Open Source enthusiast spotted Vyatta today, you are welcome anyway!

NB! Size and style does not matter, only good content is important.

We rely on natural selection: best articles will be chosen by opinion poll on Vyatta forum,
don’t hesitate and write your masterpiece, any kind of participation is valuable for us.
Award can be received via PayPal(preferred) or bank transfer.
NB! And this isn’t all: Top 10 contenders will receive cool Vyatta T-Shirts!

How to participate

  • Register an account on www.vyatta4people.org
  • Post your article there
  • Wait for an opinion poll on Vyatta forum and get an award!


  • Articles are accepted until August 31, 2011
  • Opinion poll will start on September 1 and will continue until September 14
  • On September 15, 2011 winners will be announced!

Every participant will get 10 USD fee, regardless of poll result!

Top 3 participants will also receive Kiva vouchers:
75 USD for the first place, 50 USD for the second and 25 USD for the third.
Kiva – Loans that change lives!
Thanks to Andre Dieball!
Kiva logo

Good luck!

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11 Responses to Write about Vyatta and get an award!

  1. vonrabbe says:

    Be sure I’ll post somesin’ soon πŸ™‚

  2. SuperCthulhu says:

    I think I’m too lazy, but I also will try to write something!

  3. I’m waiting for your articles, guys.

  4. vonrabbe says:

    I’m currently writing one, Cartman helps me to do everything right,
    cause my English is not perfect, I used to speak Finnish last years.

  5. Hi

    wonderful idea cartman. Unfortunately I’ll not find the time to write something (apart from the stuff already done), but I really like the idea.

    So, I’ll toss some more into the competition and will give away:

    1st price: 75 US$
    2nd price: 50 US$
    3rd price: 25 US$

    this will not be handed out as cash, but as Kiva vouchers (checkout http://kiva.org) so we can do something good with it and lend the money to entrepreneurs int he world.


  6. r1ngo says:

    cool, but are t-shirts shipped worldwide or just inside USA?

  7. r1ngo: Cartman is not in the US. Maybe he hasn’t taken a look at international shipping prices, or is ready for it β€” not sure, let’s ask him πŸ™‚

    Kiva is interesting, sounds like a good idea.

    Hey guys, I’m looking forward to see your articles. Everyone who has a keyboard and half an hour of spare time can write about their experience, don’t think you are not writers or something. We need more Vyatta related content.

  8. Cartman says:

    I’m ready for everything! πŸ™‚
    Happy to say, we have some new stuff:

  9. My Vyatta Story

    On my implementation of a project, I was tasked to put up a router to connect 3 sites to the internet. Since we are on a tight budget, I google for a few open source router, my first option was “IPCop”, 2nd was “Vyatta”. Actually I’ve installed IPCop for a few sites way back few years. But when I tried Vyatta, the first time I struggled since I am new to it. But the answer was the forum for the open source router’s. After a few suggestions from forum moderator’s I was able to overcome it. Then comes the time to share your ideas on the forum the give and take thing as IT enthusiast. Me myself as a CCNA grad exposure to vyatta was enormous. There was a time when we have to move to a new IP, there was this guy who bragged about my config (CCNA Certified) he said simple he will just cut and paste the IP address, and so there it goes. To cut the story short blocking websites would not work because of the “cut n paste” mentality he have . Cannot even interpret blocking commands on squidguard. Vyatta is a combination of analysis of Linux Command. Savings wise comparison we did not spend a single cent on these 3 sites. I just migrated from Winblows to Vyatta. I have squid running to these 3 sites to block unwanted sites. I am a follower of “first-priority” and “stig” I only know them in the forum but there post we’re great !!! Kudos to Vyatta …..

  10. Cartman says:

    Hi Clyde!
    First, warm-warm welcome to Vyatta4People.Org!
    Second, it would be nice if you could register an account here
    and post your story with some technical details and suggestions.
    Anyway thanks for your attention!