vyBuddy news: 32-bit appliance released!

Today 32-bit appliance created for better compatibility:
[ vyBuddy 32-bit ]
Image MD5SUM: 1c69c562fc58bf9b01b8fb0433c25bbd
Image SHA1SUM: 2eae7dc8bcd0a4f3cc870592ed781af84862e497

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2 Responses to vyBuddy news: 32-bit appliance released!

  1. xmess says:

    Would you produce appliance for Hyper-V?
    I use Hyper-V and many others do.

    • Cartman says:

      Thanks for your comment!
      Currently we do not plan releasing Hyper-V appliance.
      Maybe in future. I would like to suggest you create Hyper-V
      appliance yourself and contribute vyBuddy project. :)

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