My Vyatta experience

Time ago I thought on get certified as CCNA and CCNP to increase my networking knowledge, but the fact of have to develop it solely on a theory framework and cannot get it to practice makes me boring. Then I changed my job, a company without networks admin, a company on which nobody knows more than configuring an IP on a Windows PC, a company that managed IT services for more than 150 companies using a SonicWall 1260 on each customer and an ISDN link for remote access to her network.

All began 3 years ago, they let me investigate and suggest a solution but with a really limited budget, then I began to look for the best open source networking OS, testing lot solutions until I found Vyatta and for several reasons Vyatta was a crushing election. I downloaded Vyatta (v 5.0.2), all the documentation, registered my account on forum and prepared my virtual lab for testing.

Six months later I realized all of I was achieved:

  • The perfect standard Vyatta configuration to can cover all of our customers’ needs, adapted to absurdly immovable rules (no VLANs, no VRRP…). Routing, firewall, IDS/IPS, VPN RA (for client to use to connect to her LAN), VPN STS (for our remote connections), load balancing between 2 WANs with several rules to get source/destination based routing, OSPF for route maps redistribution between VPN peers, NAT…
  • A solid knowledge of basic and advanced networking rules with a wide practice contact, a solid debugging and troubleshooting ability. All motivated for a personal/professional challenge and DIY satisfaction.
  • A consistent introduction in open source world and in Debian administration.
  • A happy boss and a salary increase!

By now our customers have a working Vyatta box each one, they have unsubscribe their ISDN line and haven’t to pay ISDN connection taxes, they have stop paying SonicWall licenses, my jobmates of support have leaved stone age and now can connect to remote servers agile and secure using VPNs.
Then, thanks to Vyatta, to the community and to the forum I achieved all of I have mentioned above, then I felt in debt and wanted to contribute with just my two cents, I’m not a programmer then I cannot contribute with software development but I can contribute on expanding Vyatta on Hispanic world, that’s why I have created my blog and devoted a wide place to Vyatta offering manuals, tutorials and how-to guides in Spanish about Vyatta configuration, this is my contribution to the community, a community which offers me a lot and motivated me to continue grow.

Thanks Vyatta, thanks to all people who made possible Vyatta community, thanks to the forum and people who helped me, I’m enormously grateful.

Herminio Noguera.

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3 Responses to My Vyatta experience

  1. Cartman says:

    Gracias amigo! 🙂
    This story will definitely motivate somebody to follow your steps,
    depose proprietary vendors and create his(her?) own Vyatta kingdom!

  2. openredes says:

    Hope so!
    Gracias Cartman 😉

  3. ravindra says:

    how many connection will support for vyatta 5.0.2?