ImageFlasher writes sector-by-sector disk image to block device.
e.g. image created with dd, or KVM hypervisor raw disk image.
It is a wrapper to cat/zcat/bzcat utilities, which has fool protect
and will not allow to kill your PCs HDD by typing wrong block device name.
I use it to flash CF and SD cards with different pre-configured appliance images.

sudo wget --no-check-certificate -O /usr/bin/image-flasher
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/image-flasher

I strongly not recommend you to run image-flasher as root!
On Debian-based systems just add your user to ‘disk’ group, LogOut/LogIn,
and run image-flasher as user without sudo. You have been warned!

2 Responses to ImageFlasher

  1. Mirfo says:

    Useful thing, why didn’t you packaged it?

  2. xDuke says:

    No sense to package such small script 🙂