Clone Helper

For those of us, who runs Vyatta in virtual lab, there may be a nasty problem:
You can not just clone Vyatta VM by one click from your hypervisor GUI.
Well, due to ethernet interface hw-id persistence in config.boot,
every time you clone Vyatta VM, interface order gets messed up.

But do not despair, vyatta-clone-helper is here to help! 😉
It simply clears hw-id and deletes excess interfaces on every boot,
thus eliminating interface “shifting” problem.

To install vyatta-clone-helper on a system you want to clone, just follow these steps:

  1. Add Vyatta4People.Org package repository.
  2. Install software: sudo apt-get install vyatta-clone-helper
  3. Clone your system using KVM/XenServer/VMware or any other hypervisor of choise.

To disable clearing hw-id on every boot, enter configuration mode and execute:
set system options clear-nic-hw-id false

Well, I can gladly say Vyatta turned attention to this problem
and assigned it to a developer. That’s nice and promising!
BTW you can login/register to Vyatta Bugzilla and vote for it,
if you want to free Vyatta from “interface hell” once and for all.

This software can be also used to clone physical machines, just like VMs,
and was successfully tested with GNS3, great graphical network simulator.
However I suppose it will be mostly useful to virtual lab geeks, like me. 😉

2 Responses to Clone Helper

  1. Erik says:

    Works with vbox also. Thanks much for this!