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vyBuddy 0.1.0 Alpha released!

After a long period of struggles and uncertainty I’m proud to announce first vyBuddy public release. Please welcome, vyBuddy 0.1.0 Alpha codename “Suicide Blond”! In brief, vyBuddy is a web-based Vyatta management console.

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Download “Suicide Blond”

vyBuddy 0.1.0 Alpha codename “Suicide Blond” is ready! Grab appliance VMDK disk images (based on Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS): [ vyBuddy 64-bit ] Image MD5SUM: c90eafdd465fa63ba908aca6e1f9b443 Image SHA1SUM: cc54a2e1f0d69567b1af4c7c2b0fa2b7cc979e8b [ vyBuddy 32-bit ] Image MD5SUM: 1c69c562fc58bf9b01b8fb0433c25bbd Image SHA1SUM: 2eae7dc8bcd0a4f3cc870592ed781af84862e497

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New release: Vyatta-Config-Validator 0.1-7

Added support for dual node types. e.g. ‘ipv4,ipv6’. You can now add IPv6 name servers to Vyatta config without getting errors from vyatta-config-validator.

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