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Vyatta4People.Org is one year old!

Hard to imagine, but Vyatta4People.Org is exactly one-year-old now! What a nice year! I hope you all enjoyed it! 😉

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vyBuddy news: Fixed database caching issue

Fixed DB caching issue on vyHostD. Thanks stig(“OH SHI-” error)! Added basic error handling to vyMasterD; Some small enhancements;

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vyBuddy news: Added release upgrade system

Added convenient code and database schema update tool. Now update-vybuddy command is allmighty, no other tools needed! 🙂

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New release: Vyatta-Config-Sync 0.1-15

Just rolled out new Vyatta-Config-Sync! I enjoy seeing it usable and popular enough among folks. 🙂 Small updates: Added source /etc/default/vyatta to make it work in crontab; Added vcs shorthand command to launch “vyatta-config-sync load”;

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vyBuddy virtual appliance created

vyBuddy appliance VMDK disk image may be downloaded here. RAW disk image suitable for VMware ESX, KVM or XEN is here. Herminio Noguera Ruiz contributed vyBuddy virtual appliance for VMware ESX: It may be downloaded from either Vyatta4People or Openredes. … Continue reading

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