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Article contest prolonged

Well, call me a miserable liar and throw a rotten tomato in my face, but I need to prolong article contest one more time. Article submission deadline shifted to August 31, 2011 Updated conditions are here:

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Build your own CA

When setting up OpenVPN you definitively want to use certificates, especially when you configure Remote-Access. In the end, there are several ways how to get hold of the required certificates, i.e. a Public Certificate Authority like Verisign, GoDaddy, etc., you … Continue reading

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Stuart, where are you?

Hi Stuart, You did not answer my e-mail, but I hope you will read this post. 🙂 Vyatta solution you want to implement sounds very interesting, it’s a perfect occasion to create something good and then write about it, sure … Continue reading

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Stay tuned!

Due to becoming a father in the end of June 2011, I will not have much spare time for a next couple of weeks. But be sure, work on Vyatta4People.Org never stops and new beautiful things are on the way! … Continue reading

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