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Article contest reloaded!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m happy to announce we have article contest conditions changed! #1 Article submission deadline shifted to July 31, 2011 Well, there are some authors still writing their stuff and I think we must give them a chance. … Continue reading

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Vyatta HA Clustering with MAC failover

In the land of Cisco HA, the MAC address is actually failed over during a transition.  This makes for a fairly clean switch between devices.  Vyatta however, doesn’t work that way.  It simply moves the IP address and uses gratuitous ARP to … Continue reading

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SLC vs. MLC: An Analysis of Flash Memory

While wandering in the internet, I’ve found very comprehensive whitepaper explaining differences between MLC(common) and SLC(industrial) SSD chips. SSD storage gained tremendous popularity nowadays and I think, it will be useful for everybody, already not familiar with SSD types, to … Continue reading

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Highly Available OpenVPN connection between two offices

When you connect two (or more) offices over internet using VPN, you depend heavily both on your router’s and service provider’s reliability. In perfect world, routers never break and provider links never go down. I wish we all lived in … Continue reading

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Today is my birthday :)

Well, yeah, it’s not somehow related to Vyatta, but it’s still my birthday. 🙂 I’m 26 now. Maybe it’s only my pervasive trait, but every birthday makes me feel like an old man. Does anyone feel something like this? Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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proxy-bypass based on source address

There is a way to bypass a configured proxy completely (i.e. not only the url-filtering) based on destination addresses. I have used this e.g. to bypass the proxy when I access the Logitech Harmony Servers, as the Harmony software seems … Continue reading

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