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BtrFS is a bad choice when running KVM

Hi ALL! Today I’ve built big Linux-KVM host with LUKS-encrypted 2TB BtrFS partition on a software RAID1 and I was really surprised by extremely slow BtrFS performance.

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BGP policy tips

Setting up exterior routing of a network always involces political concerns such as security considerations, bandwidth cost, corporate relationships and so on. So BGP, the current standard protocol for exterior routing provides great possibilities for routing policy building. In Vyatta … Continue reading

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Write about Vyatta and get an award!

Yes! I’m not kidding, you are able to earn money by writing a few words about Vyatta. It doesn’t matter, who you are, a seasoned Vyatta geek and code hacker, or just an Open Source enthusiast spotted Vyatta today, you … Continue reading

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New release: vyInstall 0.1-15

Fixed “Running config differs from saved.” bug spotted on some configurations by Vonrabbe. Thanks Vonrabbe!

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Switched to Rails + ExtJS, no GWT or Java at all.

After playing with GXT a little bit I found despite the fact GXT is cool, it still can not make me happy enough, because there is too much Java. Too much code writing, too much time consumed performing routine tasks, … Continue reading

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