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New release: vyTool 0.3-20 / vyInstall 0.1-11

vyTool Switched to external (yet my own) config validator; Small enhancements in code; vyInstall Fixed ssh-keyring command undesirable rewrite of config.boot; Added “–save” option to config-partial command; Added “–load” option to config and bundle commands;

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New release: vyTool 0.3-17 / vyInstall 0.1-9

Just released vyTool 0.3-17 and vyInstall 0.1-9. Both packages are available in Vyatta4People.Org repository. Added config partials support in both vyTool and vyInstall. Added path(e.g. /var/spool) moving to another partition and resetting system to [custom] default config in vyInstall. Improved … Continue reading

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